Friday, October 12, 2007

Just some pictures from Disneyworld

I had a blast, I feel much better. Just wanted to share.

Entering Animal Kingdom

Me standing in front of Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom

Standing in front of the Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM

My Tower of Terror picture, I'm in the back in the white tank with my hands up in the air. Awesome!

Me after the Fireworks

In front of the ball at Epcot

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And another thing...

When you travel on a red-eye flight, get no sleep on the plane because it’s packed with excited travelers, go straight to Disneyworld for a day of fun and running around, drink only Diet Coke and coffee, get your period while in Disneyworld, sleep a little and then get up early the next day for work and drink only coffee and eat only fruit - guess what happens….

Your head starts to swim, food and water make you ill, and while people are trying to help you into a van to take you back to the hotel, you drop stone-cold, passed out in the parking lot and the next thing you know, paramedics are sticking needles in you and asking you questions and loading you in an ambulance. Then for kicks and giggles you spend four hours in an emergency room having blood drawn, getting EKGs every 15 minutes and peeing in a cup. And then the doctor finally tells you to drink more water, get more sleep and eat bananas because your potassium is low.

Dehydration folks…. welcome to Florida!