Thursday, December 13, 2007

Off to sunny Arizona

With everything going on in my life right now, this is a much needed little break.

I am taking my oldest son and we are going to visit my sister and her family and my mom in Phoenix. My sister is getting her Master’s Degree and the ceremony is this weekend. That is the main reason I am going down there, however, with the holidays quickly approaching, I have a suitcase full of presents going with me. And considering how lonely this time of year feels to me right now, I am excited to be going to see family. My dad and stepmom, who I haven’t seen in years, are also going to be there.

My Baby B got a DUI when he went to northern WA a few weeks ago. He is dealing with the aftermath, which is no easy feat, since his DUI happened on a military base. And that is a long story unto itself. He has been going to AA meetings ever since, is on meds, and seems serious about getting his life on track. Still trust for me is gone. I talk to him and I see him about once a week, but I just cannot lay my heart out there and trust that “this time” it is going to be different.

On a positive note, my dearest daughter left me a voicemail on my birthday, which was last week and sent me an email and we have been emailing cute little messages back and forth. Progress.

Which eases my heart and mind just a little.