Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is sooooo hot outside right now

The weather here is brutal. Those of you from Arizona or maybe Florida are probably rolling your eyes right now, but it is 106 degrees out right now in the shade. I am in a perpetual state of sweat. My shades are drawn, my a/c is on, fans are blowing and it is still HOT.

I am still looking for work. Sent out lots of resumes and met with a few technical staffing agencies. As My Baby B says, if you throw out enough lines you're bound to get a bite. I sure hope so.

But with the job search comes some thoughts....mainly about school and whether or not I should finish. I have the time. I can get my student loans flowing again and I can finally finish my Masters and move on to my PhD. Honestly, getting my PhD and teaching and writing and researching was all I ever wanted to do.

Don't get me wrong....I love web programming. It's fun and it's challenging, but I came into it as a hobby and made a career (and I use that word you can't really call my work in that field a career) out of it. But it isn't something that I aspire to do for the rest of my life. I dream about school, I miss classes and tests and writing papers...and mostly I miss the goals. With each term completed I knew I was one step closer to getting there.

And then I stopped. Mostly, because I was maxing out my student loans to pay for school and my bills because CP wasn't paying me and I needed to make my ends meet. And I was working full-time and going to school and being a single mom of three. It got to be too much at the time and I wasn't giving school my full attention and my grades were not my best. And so I the time thinking I wouldn't ever go back.

But it calls....and I think I am answering.

Friday, August 08, 2008

My Mom's birthday party surprise

My sister and I started planning a 70th birthday party for my mom in January. We've texted daily, we schemed, we became consumate liars and we pulled it off. I think the only reason we did is because my mom is deaf in one ear and only has 50% hearing in the other. We messed up so many times.

But it was so worth it. She had no idea....NO IDEA....and was completely surprised. Thirty-five of her closest friends and family showed up to celebrate.

My mom lives in Arizona, so does my sister and her family. My mom was up visiting me for two weeks, my sis and fam drove up from AZ five days before the party and hid out in a hotel down the road. It was the most strategic and deceptive five days of my life. :-)

We have loads of pics, as I hired a photographer to catch the magic. I'm sharing some of them with you.

My mom was so surprised!

I started crying when she started crying

This is the only standard pic of My Baby B and I you will see

My Uncle Bob had had surgery just four days before the party. It was awesome that he showed up!

I love this man! Even when he makes faces. The photographer took so many, just trying to get him to play it straight.

He finally gave up and moved on to other photographic opportunities after this pic. LOL.

Such a moment. Family and friends all together.

Good times! And good cake.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Saw the movie "Closer"

This movie came out four years ago and back then GB strongly suggested that I not watch it given my separation and impending divorce. He was soooo right. Even four years later it is a tough movie to watch. It's raw and real....and everything about life, love, relationships and affairs and the aftermath is so on-the-spot. It brought back memories and makes me glad I'm passed that part of my life.

Lessons learned.