Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's been over three years since I've used this blog, but I've been putting the pieces of it back together. I re-posted most of my 2004 posts and I'm moving on to the next years. I've been reading them as I go and find myself amazed at the common thread in most of my early posts....the Mormon church and my divorce.

I'm long past the divorce now, I'm still an active Ex-Mormon, and I'm happy, working for myself and best of all newly married to My Baby B. We made it through a lot of shit and were recently married. We are leaving on our honeymoon in a few days and I'm so ready to begin this new phase of my life.

My kids are practically grown. My oldest is 21 and buying beer at every restaurant we go to. My next is 18 and with a lot of help and a term at military school, will be graduating high school in January of next year. And my daughter is 17 and has just recently resurfaced in my life. We are taking it slow, talking about little things and getting re-acquainted.

Life is precious. Time is precious. I started this blog seven years ago, and in looking back I realize life and time take us in wild directions, and things change and swirl in ways we never thought they would. When I read my early posts on this blog, it seems like another person wrote them and seven years seems like 700 years.

What an amazing change.